Meet our Mascot



› They use their mouth to overturn rocks and stir up the sediment as they seek aquatic insects and other invertebrates.

› They are mottled reddish brown with four to six dark saddles or bands across their back.

› Typically 10-15 inches, can reach 24 inches. Usually weighs 1 pound or less, can reach 4 pounds.

› They are an important host for the larvae of some mussels.

{ODNR Division of Wildlife}


Why a Pugamoo?

The Northern Hogsucker or as we prefer, Pugamoo, has been selected as the mascot for the restoration efforts on Fawn River, as they rely heavily on a gravel bottom and are intolerant of polluted and dirty water.



As temperatures begin to rise, we are eager for the Pugamoo (Northern Hogsucker) to return! During the winter months, these fish move to quieter waters in deep pools. Last summer, we captured this video of several Pugamoo in one of the areas we frequently spotted them. During the summer months, these fish prefer moderate to swift flowing streams with a gravel & rocky bottom.