The Project

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Our Unique Approach

Combining the patented Sand Wand™ technology with LWD structures under an adaptive management design results in restoration of the native fluvial geomorphology and biological resources at the greatest possible cost efficiency.

Learn more about the toolbox of techniques used to restore Fawn River 

Meet our Mascot

Every good team needs a mascot, a tangible thing that represents the group as a whole.  Mascots often symbolize something important to an organization, which is why we have chosen the Northern Hogsucker or as we like to say, Pugamoo.  Around here, if your called a Pugamoo, your part of the team!

Click here to find out why we selected the Northern Hogsucker →

Meet our Team

It takes a village! From regulators and permitting to design and implementation – this toolbox of techniques has resulted in a less than traditional approach to river restoration yet very successful.

Meet the team behind the work on Fawn River →